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Student Loans

Our blog is designed to provide information regarding some of the critical topics those with student loans must be aware of to be able to make educated decisions regarding their future.

Getting Help With a Student Loan Advisor

You might know the basic rules and policies for federal loan programs like Public Service Loan Forgiveness(PSLF) and Income-Driven Repayment Plans(IDR). But understanding exactly how to take advantage of those programs (and how to save thousands of dollars in the process) is another story entirely. That’s why only 1% of people who qualify for PSLF end up benefiting…

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a woman at her computer applying for a private student loan consolidation

The Best Private Graduate Student Loans

Need to borrow for graduate school? As a graduate student, you can borrow a Direct Unsubsidized loan and/or a Grad PLUS loan from the federal government. You can also find a private lender for a private graduate student loan. Start the process by comparing Grad PLUS loans against our curated list of the best private graduate student loans in…

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a woman at her computer applying for a private student loan consolidation

Can You Consolidate Private Student Loans?

If you’re facing the challenge of repaying student loans, you may be considering loan consolidation. And if you’re like many other college grads, you likely have a mixture of private and federal loans. You may be aware that you can consolidate your federal private loans with a Direct Consolidation Loan. But can you consolidate private student loans? Good…

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Credit Score for Student Loan Refinance – What Score Do I Need?

A solid income and a strong credit score are key if you’re looking to refinance your student loans. But what exactly is a good credit score for student loan refinance? In general, you need a credit score that’s at least in the range of 650 to 680 to secure a refinanced student loan. Any lower than that and…

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Government Student Loans – What Are My Options?

Looking for government student loans to help pay for college? Student loans can help you cover what’s leftover after scholarships, grants, and savings. Unlike other forms of financial assistance, you must pay back the full borrowed amount plus interest. The federal government and some state governments provide student loans to qualifying students. To see if you qualify, file…

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401k student loan payment

401K Student Loan Payment Matching and Using Your 401K to Pay Student Loans

How does your 401K plan (or lack thereof) relate to and impact your student loan debt? If you have student loans, you may be interested to know whether you can use 401K savings to pay off that debt. You may also be interested to learn about a new 401K student loan payment bill that was recently passed by…

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5 Ways to Get More Money from FAFSA

Every current and future college student knows the importance of filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). However, not every applicant understands the intricacies of how their federal aid award is calculated, and how they can get more money from their application. So, how can you get more money from FAFSA? In this article, we’ll…

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business with student loan debt

Starting a Business with Student Loan Debt

Starting a business with student loan debt may seem like an unachievable goal. When you’re making large loan payments each month, it can be challenging to find the funds you need to launch the empire of your dreams. Additionally, you might feel tied down to a full-time job that allows you to make your monthly loan payment. Combined,…

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prepaid college plans

Education Loan Finance Review: The Right Lender for You?

If you’re struggling to pay for college—or to make your loan payments after graduation—you’re far from alone. Most college graduates in the United States use federal and private student loans to pay for school. But choosing the right lender, whether it’s for a new student loan or for refinancing your existing loans, can make all the difference in…

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A woman on a computer consolidating her student loans

College Ave Review

College Ave is a key lender for students, parents, and graduates to consider. Whether you’re taking out new loans or refinancing, College Ave has a variety of flexible options. In this College Ave review, we’ll provide a comprehensive look at the lender and the services it offers. Who is College Ave? College Ave is an online lender and…

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