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How to Stay Safe in College During Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus has changed how colleges operate across the United States. It has also changed what safety measures college students need to take while living or studying on campus. Whether you’re attending in-person now or thinking about returning in-person for the spring semester, there are steps you can take to keep yourself safe and healthy during your time…

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students taking a test in a highschool class

How to Earn College Credits in High School

Do you want to get a head start on college while you’re still in high school? Good news: there are multiple ways to earn college credits before you ever even apply for college. Earning college credits in high school can not only save you money on tuition when you get to college, but it can help you impress…

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A group of students in a university classroom

How to Test Out of College Courses and Save Money

Everyone knows the routine: your freshman year of college, you sign up for as many easy-A courses as you can. However, you may want to consider knocking out those entry-level courses through challenge testing, instead. Challenge testing can allow you to accelerate to higher-level learning, and you could save yourself thousands of dollars. In this article, we’ll go…

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Can You Use Student Loans for Books?

Yes, you can use federal and private student loans for books and other education-related expenses. However, buying every book on the course list from the campus store isn’t the way to do it. Continue reading to learn how using student loans for books works along with some tips and tricks for buying books for college. How Can I…

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Prepaid College Plans – Which States Have Them?

With a prepaid college plan, you can prepay for your child’s college or university education at nearly any institution in the United States. Nine States Offering Prepaid College Plans Florida Florida Prepaid College plan Illinois College Illinois! 529 Prepaid Tuition Program Maryland Maryland Prepaid College Trust Massachusetts Massachusetts U.Plan Michigan Michigan Education Trust 529 Prepaid Tuition Plan Mississippi…

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veterinary school rankings

Veterinary School Rankings of US Colleges in 2019

Thinking about becoming a veterinarian? Take the 2019 Veterinary School Rankings below into account as you decide where to apply and where to attend. 2019 Veterinary School Rankings—Top 11 The U.S. is home to 30 American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) accredited veterinary schools. If you’re interested in attending a top-ranking school, check out the following eleven universities. Each…

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Saving for College: Short & Long-Term College Saving Tips

Saving for college in some capacity—whether its 15 years in advance or while you’re a college student—is worth it. Money saved now means less money you’ll need to borrow and payback in the future. Continue reading to learn about several long-term and short-term college saving strategies and programs for parents and students. Long-Term Saving for College—10 to 15…

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NYU Dental School Tuition- How High is Too High?

Thinking about attending New York University for dental school? One look at the tuition cost, and you might think again. Based on published 2018-2019 tuition rates, four years of NYU dental school tuition costs $315,416. If that looks high to you, you’re right. It is. NYU has the fifth most expensive tuition out of all U.S. dental schools.…

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pharmacy school

Pharmacy School Acceptance Rate: Improve Your Chances

There are multiple routes to earning a Pharm.D. degree, but the most common is applying to pharmacy school after completing at least two years of undergraduate studies. No matter the path you take to earning a pharmacy degree, it’s a good idea to understand the average pharmacy school acceptance rate. The average pharmacy school acceptance rate is high…

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average Dental Hygienist salary

Dental Hygienist School Cost in 2019

Thinking about becoming a dental hygienist? You’re in luck. This career pays well and only requires two years of school. For the 2017-2018 school year, dental hygienist program tuition and fees cost an average of $15,508 for first-year in-district students. Fees include supplies and instruments, uniforms, textbooks, laboratory fees, and other fixed costs. Add in housing and transportation,…

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