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Our blog is designed to provide information regarding some of the critical topics those with student loans must be aware of to be able to make educated decisions regarding their future.

A college student hold a credit card

Should I Get a Credit Card as a College Student?

With a credit card, you could overspend, fall behind on payments, and end up in debt. Without one, you might have trouble renting an apartment or purchasing a car. Given the catch-22, it’s no wonder that so many young adults are unsure about whether or not to apply for their first credit card. Below, we’ll walk you through…

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Everything You Need to Know About Offer in Compromise

Federal taxes are unavoidable. You pay taxes on your income, your bank account interest, investment account earnings, some types of forgiven student loans, and loads of other assets and wealth. Some borrowers cannot afford the taxes they owe, so they end up with unpaid federal tax debt. If you’re facing a tax debt you can’t pay back, you…

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Guide to Buying a New Construction Home with Student Loan Debt

If you’re burdened with student loan debt, being handed the keys to a new construction home might feel impossible. That’s not necessarily the case, though. Lenders consider a lot more than just your student debt amount when evaluating your mortgage application. And the cost to own a home—even a new construction home—can be more affordable than renting, depending…

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How to Get Debt Forgiveness – Programs for Each Type of Debt

When you’re majorly in debt, getting out of debt can feel hopeless, especially if you’re facing high-interest rates. Making minimum payments—if you can keep up—hardly feels like progress when the balance is still higher than it was when you first borrowed the money. Depending on your circumstances, you might not be stuck fully repaying all of the debt…

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Buying a house with student loans

The Lowdown on First-Time Homebuyers Loans

Thinking about purchasing your first home? It might be more doable and more affordable than you’d think. Qualifying first-time homebuyers have access to special mortgage products that other homebuyers don’t. You may even be able to finance your first residence without any down payment. Below, we’ll walk you through first-time homebuyers loans (FTHB), including their benefits and what…

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A cartoon image of a snowball chasing a skier down a mountain

Debt Snowball Method: How it Works

Paying off debt can feel overwhelming. Especially if you’re not sure where to start. That’s where a debt management plan like the debt snowball method can help. Below, we’ll cover an overview of the debt snowball method, how it works, how it’s beneficial, and an alternative. What is the Debt Snowball Method? Did you ever make a snowman…

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accessible income

What is Accessible Income? What to Count and What to Leave Out

Accessible income includes all the income you have a “reasonable expectation of access” to. For most people, it’s more than just paychecks from your regular job. It also includes income sources like an allowance, a scholarship, or Social Security payments. What Counts as Accessible Income? Since accessible income is only associated with credit card applications, your age determines…

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A couple buying a house

Should I Pay Off Student Loans or Buy A House?

You’re out of college, working, and thinking about the future. It’s only natural that saving up money and talking with a realtor to buy a house is a next step. But, buying a house with student loans can get a little tricky. You must decide, is it best to use your savings to pay off student loans or…

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A car being repossessed with a woman talking on her phone confused

Car Repossession and How to Avoid It

The possibility of car repossession haunts many Americans who—for whatever reason–fall behind on their car payments. If you in fear of one day finding your parking spot empty, understanding the process of car repossession can help. The following information is everything you need to know about car repossession and how to avoid it. How Many Payments Before Car…

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A hooded man in front of a number of computers in the dark web

Experian Dark Web Scan

Following a trend toward more rigorous consumer information protection, a number of companies are now offering Dark Web monitoring to help prevent identity theft. This includes Experian, who currently offers a one-time free Dark Web scan. Experian is leading the way when it comes to Dark Web monitoring with their “Experian Dark Web Scan”. But what is the…

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