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Our blog is designed to provide information regarding some of the critical topics those with student loans must be aware of to be able to make educated decisions regarding their future.

Scholarships for College Students: What You Need to Know

Think of a scholarship as a free gift or prize. Another party gives you this money and you never have to pay them back. High schools, colleges, individuals, employers, private companies, non-profits, religious groups, towns, and social organizations award scholarships for college students. Earning scholarships is the easiest way to graduate college with less debt. Read on to…

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A Snapshot of the National Merit Scholarship Program

The National Merit® Scholarship Program is an academic competition for recognition and college scholarships for high school students in the United States. It began in 1955, and at this point is a venerable institution run by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), a privately funded, not-for-profit organization. Every year, high school students across the country enter the program by taking…

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Scholarships for Women

While education for girls around the world may still be lacking, higher education rates for women in the United States, Canada, and other developed nations have never been better. In 2016, the Boston Globe reported that women accounted for 55% of undergraduate enrollment at four-year colleges in the United States, creating an enrollment gender gap that is only…

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Scholarships and Grants for Older Students

There are many students returning to school at a later age. The reasons vary from pursuing a degree for a promotion to “empty nesters” chasing a new dream now that their children are in college themselves. Many people who begin to seek help to pay for school are pleased to learn that many scholarships have no age limit…

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Scholarships and Grants for LGBT Students

Students from the LGBT Community can face a number of hardships simply because of discrimination.  The businesses and organizations listed below have stepped in to make sure that every opportunity is available to deserving students. Asian Pacific Islander Queer Women & Transgender Community APIQWTC provides opportunities for Asian & Pacific Islander queer women and transgender people to socialize, network,…

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Scholarships and Grants for Hispanic and Latino Students

Hispanic and Latino Americans have made great strides into all walks of life in the last two decades.  As a percentage of students on college campuses, they are still vastly underrepresented though.  The foundations and businesses listed below are just some of those dedicated to providing a way for deserving students and their families to pay for college.…

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Minority College Kids

Scholarships and Grants for African American Students

Despite significant improvements, African-Americans are still very underrepresented on college and university campuses.  The agencies and private organizations below are among those dedicated to providing deserving students and their families with financial support to take the next step in their education. ABA Diversity Scholarship This fund was created to increase the number of traditionally under-represented minority groups in the…

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Grants, Internships and Scholarships For Native Americans

Currently, Native Americans are one of the most underrepresented groups in college and can face limited resources and access to quality education on reservations.  Fortunately, there are many Grants, Internships, and Scholarships available to Native Americans to help build a stronger and highly educated Native American community.  Below is a list of some funds available to Native Americans.…

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