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Things To Know:

All federal student loan programs are offered by the department of education, and are free to apply for. Student Debt Relief is not in any way affiliated with the department of education, or any of the federal servicers.

The companies we are affiliated with, are also in no way part of the department of education or affiliated with any of the federal servicers. They are private companies who, for a fee, assist borrowers with student loan solutions.

Apply on your own for free, first!

All federal student loan programs are free to apply for. We highly recommend you try it on your own first.

If you are having trouble working directly with your lender or applying on your own, that’s when you should consider giving us a call.

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  • We provide free assessment tools to determine eligibility for loan forgiveness
  • We work with the best private lenders in the USA to get you the best interest rates and terms
  • We give you the unfiltered version of everything student loans. The things you need to know to succeed.
  • We scrutinize student loan companies so you don’t have to.
  • We only work with highly trusted partners who have passed our rigorous audit.
  • We are on your side, not your lenders.

I really didn’t expect to be able to refinance my federal rate of 6.8% into a new fixed rate of 3.5%. This saved me around $95 per month for twenty years. Do the math on those savings!

Thanks for helping me out, just wanted to show some appreciation.

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