Student Loan Lawsuit - Gavel on Cash

Predatory Student Loan Lenders Sued In Illinois Court

In September, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed a lawsuit with the Northern Illinois District Court against Corinthian Colleges Inc. In it, they accuse the corporation, made up of for-profit colleges Everest, Heald and Wyotech, of predatory student loan lending, illegal collection practices and misleading potential students about job prospects and placement after graduation. In […]

student loan debt crisis

Looming Student Loan Debt Crisis Creeps Closer

According to data released this month from the Department of Education, the looming student loan debt crisis appears to be getting closer. Over half of all Direct Loans are now behind on their repayment schedule. This isn’t a small number, as Direct Loans make up the largest percentage of federal student loans. Increased Debt, Decreased […]

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Which Student Loan Consolidation Company To Choose

Many companies in the business of helping students and parents through the student loan process are legitimate. They work hard to find the best options for their clients in securing and then repaying their federal student loans. These companies will work in the best interest of their clients, who in many cases are stuck with […]

Dynamic Student Loan Repayment Act

We’ve reported before on efforts by the Obama Administration and members of Congress to reduce student loan payments and reform the various student loan programs. In particular, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has made this one of her more popular causes. Efforts to deal with the current $1.2 Trillion in student debt have been for […]

Portland Oregon

The Latest On Oregon’s Student Debt Plan

Last year, the students at Portland State University developed a plan to deal with rising student loan debt. We provided the details on “Pay It Forward, Pay It Back” in August. Since then, the state of Oregon has seen their student loan debt balloon to such a high level that even the amount of defaulted […]

Free Tuition in Tennessee

At a time when families are going into debt to pay for school, Governor Bill Haslam of Tennessee has come up with a plan to encourage high school students to graduate and then keep them in Tennessee to work and go to college.  His plan also encourages adults to return to college in order to […]

Permanent Disability Loan Discharge and Tax Debt

You’ve finally gotten those old federal student loans discharged and now have some breathing room to pay down bills, perhaps put aside some money for retirement or begin building a college fund for your kids. Before you start spending your now free cash though, have you received your new tax bill? If not, there’s a […]

Graduate Student Debt – Manageable or Impending Crisis?

Student debt has been a problem for many students for the past decade.  Now it looks like the problem may be larger than just to one specific group of students.  Of the over $1 Trillion in student loan debt, $600 Billion of it belongs to graduate students.  That’s over half of the outstanding student debt being held […]

Federal Student Loans and For Profit Colleges

In attempting to strengthen the student loan process and keep funding moving for students attending reputable schools, the Obama Administration has revised a series of regulations designed with For Profit Colleges in mind. The idea is to tie access to Federal financial aid to the success of graduates of these schools. What is a For […]