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Preparing is important for a student’s overall academic success. Preparation is not only done inside the classroom, but through various channels and with the help of many different advisors. Qualification tests, choosing an institution of higher education in which to enroll, choosing a major of study, and financing of educational pursuits are all aspects of preparing for college; and each is as important as the next. Student’s need the support and guidance of their family, teachers, and academic advisors in order to successfully complete all of the requirements of preparing for higher education. Self-motivation and access to resources are equally important. To assist students in their pursuit of higher education, and to help educators, academic advisors, and parents aid in their student’s college preparation, the following links have been compiled. These links provide valuable information and guidance for students preparing for college and all that it entails.

General College Prep Resources
College Prep Links – A collection of important links and information about preparing for college.
College Preparation Information by Grade Level – This resource separates important college prep information by grade level for easy referencing from middle school through senior year.
College Eligibility and Resources Guide – Information for all ages and positions regarding college eligibility.
Learning Disability and College Resources – Information for students and advisors dealing with students with learning disabilities applying for college.
College Prep Resources – A links page full of resources for everything about applying for and preparing for college.
Careers and Colleges – A website focused on providing college information and resources for students.

SAT/ACT Test Prep Resources
Online SAT Resources – A PDF file with information about the SAT.
SAT & ACT Prep Resources – Links and information to help students prepare for the SATs and ACTs.
ACT & SAT Test Information – Old test information for the ACT/SAT tests. Taking old tests can help to prepare students for the real thing.
The Princeton Review on the SAT – This popular review guide has tons of resources and information about testing for college.
SAT Practice – The official SAT prep website, including test questions and information to help students prepare.

College Search
College Navigation – A website dedicated to helping students finding the right college for them.
College Search and Application – A resource for educators and students about selecting and applying to college.
Choosing a School – Links and resources to help students find and select a college that is a perfect match for you or your student.
College Search Resources – A search tool for colleges and universities.
National College Search – A collection of links and resources for high school students and educators.
College Search Made Easy – A classroom activity to help students choose a college and program that is right for them.
College Search Tools – A resource list for college searches, each resource includes a brief description of the resource and what it has to offer.
Academic Guidance Resources – Resources for educators, academic councilors and students looking for the right college and information about a college.
College and University Rankings – Ranks are an important part of selecting which college or university to attend.
Noodle College Search – Helps students discover the right colleges for them while making the process less overwhelming and even fun

Majors Overview
Choosing a College Major – Tips and information about what to consider when choosing a college major.
Major Research – Learn what to consider when choosing a college major.
Science and Engineering – Learn more about majors within the fields of science and engineering.
English Majors – Information about the careers open to English majors and what most English major coursework includes.
Math Major – Check this out and see if majoring in mathematics is something you might be interested in pursuing.
Education Major Overview – An overview of a major in education and what it includes and how students can benefit.
Political Science Majors and Minors – A basic summery of what a political science major may include and what students will learn.
Accounting Majors – Basic information about accounting as a college major and what the coursework may entail and be used for post-college.
Major Matters: Pre-Law – Learn more about pre-law major programs and how they can impact your future career.
Economic Major Info – Detailed information about the requirements and possibilities for the future.
Animal Science Degree – What can you do with a degree in animal science? Find out more here.
Social Science Major – Read more about the requirements and majoring in social science.
Psychology Major Possibilities – Learn more about what a psychology major is and how it can be used.

Financial Aid
Financial Aid Calculators – Find out how much financial aid you might need and how much you may be awarded.
FinAid – Financial Aid information, applications, and resources for college-bound students.
Where to Find Student Aid – Basic information for student searching for financial aid and assistance to pay for college.
Mapping the Future – Figure out for to pay for college, manage money, and plan ahead for your education.
Paying for College – Tools and resources for students looking to pay for their college education.
College Financing Links – A collection of links with information and resources for college students looking for loans, grants, and scholarships to offset the cost of college.
Student Loan Forgiveness – A wealth of information on various student loan forgiveness programs

Education grants are “free money” that can be used to pay for college. Grants do not require the recipient to pay the money back once they complete their education the way that student loans due. There are typically qualifiers for each grants and restrictions on who is eligible to receive the grant.
Pell Grants – Information about Federal Pell grants to be used to pay for college.
Science and Education Grants – Learn more about the grant options available for those studying and interested in the fields of science and education.
NIFA Education Grants – The USDA provides educational grants information to help students pursue an education.
Education Grants – Information about funding college and how to pay for college.

Many students finance their college education through student loans. There are several different types of loans; such as Parent Plus Loans and subsidized students loans. All loans are required to be repaid. There are some Student Loan Forgiveness programs that can be taken advantage of after graduation.

Free Application For Federal Student Aid – get started with federal student aid here.
Different College Loans – Information about the different options available for those looking for student loans for college.

Scholarships are another way to offset the cost of college. Like grants, scholarships do not have to be repaid. There are scholarships available for many different demographics and students interested in specific majors. Your high school guidance department may also have scholarship information available for incoming college freshmen.

College Scholarships and Resources – Get information about college scholarships and tuition weavers from Child Protective Servics.
College Scholarship Search – A variety of scholarship options for college students.

by Demetrios Sourmaidis